About Brian...

Brian McKenzie is a New England based singer songwriter who started his music career in the early 90s as the founding member, music writer, and guitarist of the heavy-rock band: Warner/Giant Records recording artists "Kilgore" (formerly Kilgore Smudge), whose accomplishments include Ozzfest '98, and multiple shows/tours over the world. He continues to work as a singer-songwriter with 3 albums under his name to date.

The Recording Academy placed him on the Official Ballot for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in four categories for the album 
“Resolution” (2011), and his album, "Looking Over Yesterday" (2015) features Nashville singer-songwriter / musician / Grammy award winner  Phil Madeira on two tracks. 

Brian's project, Brian McKenzie and Always September's album "Bruising From the Fall" is an emotional, powerfully melodic, rock-based singer-songwriter project featuring a great line-up of musicians including Bill Southerland and Marty O'Brien (Kilgore), Brad O'Brien, and Chris Piccirillo. The album is currently shooting for a Fall 2017 release. 

Brian is endorsed by Blueridge guitars, Shubb CaposLR Baggs electronics, Godin Guitars, and Cleartone Strings. His song "40 East" landed a spot in the Jonathan Silverman directed film "A Bet's a Bet". He is continuously performing throughout the Northeast, East Coast, and Nashville.

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Words about Brian

"Brian McKenzie has a big heart and it comes across in his music.  A true gentleman with a beautiful voice, Brian is a wonderful artist." - Phil Madeira, Grammy award winning singer-songwriter 

"Brian McKenzie is the real deal and an honest songwriter. He has it all. Great songs, great voice and the ability to connect on a visceral level. You owe it to yourself to check him out ! "​ - Gary Mobley, Shubb Capos 

“Brian's deep writing and rich voice combine for a unique and memorable musical experience.” - LR Baggs Acoustic Electronics 

"Aside from Brian's breathtaking vocals, the instrumentation is smooth and flowing and their combination nicely uplifts them. The musicianship sounds tightly woven... This soulful album captures something deep inside of you." - bostonrockradio.com (on Bruising From the Fall)

"Not only does he write tremendous songs (his brand new CD, "Looking Over Yesterday," is consistently excellent and beautifully produced) but McKenzie has an appreciation for classic American music. For every nod to Chris Isaak or the Mavericks, McKenzie offers a subtle and melodic tip of the hat to Marty Robbins or Gordon Lightfoot." - Rick Koster​ (The Day Connecticut)